The girls are divided into two categories. Some believe that in winter a series of events and you can relax. But by the spring they are waiting for – a pair of triple extra pounds, bad mood, trouble with the dermis and obsession with "what can you eat to lose weight". Other nibbles carrots for New Year’s table, wind the miles on a treadmill correct. Further, we offer you a selection of effective methods how to lose weight in winter.

Each of us wants to be young and attractive for as long as possible. But popular singers and actors is not just a wish, but a mandatory and daily work. Here we will tell you about the 13 stars, which for 20 years haven’t changed and continue to impress with its youth and beauty.

Pimples on the forehead are a serious problem for many girls. Acne is a widespread condition to treat which can be very difficult. Many tend to mask inflammation with dermatitis and powder, but it only worsens the situation. If you experience acne, you need to identify the cause and deal with it, symptomatic treatment of acne will be ineffective over time, the inflammation will appear again.

How to quickly get rid of acne in 1 day

Any person needs to know the secret of how to get rid of acne in 1 day, not resorting to services of beauty salons. It often happens that on the nose, and on the face of inappropriate jumped up pimples. In many ways, the appearance of acne is on the face before an important event due to the fact that a person is going through, nervous.

How to become beautiful? Little secrets on caring for yourself. Articles about improving the appearance and on how to become beautiful, which are always interesting for women. And despite the wealth of information each of them learns something new for themselves. Take a look at care of themselves differently?

Every Hollywood star has their own special diet, which helps to always look great and keep your weight constant. For example, the famous actress Julia Roberts prefers a fruit salad or whole fruits separately, instead of heavy fatty foods. Fruit diet is a source of dietary fiber improves digestion and help to lose weight.

To show off figure on the screens and red carpet beauties you need to eat right. Fortunately for fans, popular Actresses often share secrets of losing weight and their special diets. By the way, some of them are very simple and affordable.

The appearance of extra pounds is possible for many reasons – hormonal disruptions, sedentary lifestyle, emotional stress, inferiority complex and protracted depression. So before you start losing weight, you need to understand the reason. It happens that there are several of them. Having dealt with the reason for visiting the doctor, go to the deliverance from the consequences. That is, directly to weight loss. If the problem with obesity is not too large (under 5 kg), you can do without specialist. Before you choose the method of "parting" with the "excess" pay attention to what should not be used.

Often pimples can appear before important meetings, negotiations, as we begin to get nervous or overwhelmed with a large number of emotions. The release of hormones directly associated with these situations, before important events in your life on the skin are often pimples.

One of the main basic wardrobe items every woman is a skirt. Depending on the style, the skirt will be a great option for education, work, leisure and even the grand event. Fashion on the skirt doesn't on, designers are public new models, styles, decorating items, interesting colors and prints. In this article we will tell you all about stylish skirt 2017, as well as the trends within it.

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