The beauty of a woman more than one millennium chanted by poets, inspired artists, and just drove men crazy. But if you want to get your feet is not only pleasing to the eye, but also with honor withstand all loads that falls to their share, it is necessary not only to actively admire them, but also to take care of your feet at home.

During pregnancy one of the problems which worried most expectant mothers, is the fear to lose its former beauty. One of the reasons of anxiety can be stretching during pregnancy on the body. Stretch marks are small, similar to the scars, the stripes on the body. When they first came out, they have a reddish-blue color, then the color intensity weakens, and the stretch marks become white and rough, in comparison with healthy skin to the touch.

You want to be a redhead? Then remember what matters most — brown hair color is required to blend with the skin, and eyes shade. Only in this case you can count on a great result.

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