Fine hair requires a good hair cut that will create the illusion of thicker hair, for example: haircut pixie layers haircut create volume to the hair, though short hair, but suitable for straight hair and for curly. The layering hair to the shoulders creates a good illusion of thicker hair. Layering adds movement, texture, light and form of the hair. Also the famous square (extended or regular), perfect for owners of thin hair, it can be various variants, you can consult with your hairstylist and choose the haircut that suits you.

In the pursuit of beauty women stop at nothing. For many years people saying "Beauty requires sacrifice" is particularly relevant. But sometimes these same sacrifices in the pursuit of beauty are harmful to women's health. High heels, light wear, tanning. And in recent years, the increasing popularity began to acquire colored contact lenses. Women in search of variety and the perfect image began to experiment not only with hair color but also eye color.

Every woman should know how to do makeup. Well, when among friends, there's someone who will be able to teach. Well, if it's not, then come to the aid site for women beauty. We offer our readers the advice of makeup artists for applying good quality makeup.

The wave of long fluffy lashes gives the look of originality, isn't it? But, unfortunately, such beauty is got from nature is not all. Of course, to grow long lashes to epic proportions in a natural way is impossible.

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