Brown circles around eyes bother many women, mainly because it's ugly, and every woman wants to be beautiful and look good. Few people know and even think about the fact that this phenomenon is a serious problem. Of course, it may be due to purely physiological causes, but in each case should be dealt with separately. This phenomenon is ignored in any case impossible.

The reasons may be very different, from completely harmless to very serious, including various diseases. To tell about the exact cause of this unpleasant incident, as brown circles around eyes, can only be a doctor, for advice to which you want to apply. If it won't detect any of the diseases, the causes may be the following.

The most common reason is that people are just not getting enough sleep, it does not have enough sleep, why there are unpleasant consequences.

Bad habits always reflected on the face of the person, so to have an attractive appearance and at the same time drinking alcoholic beverages and Smoking is impossible. Especially when it comes to women.

The cause of brown circles under the eyes can be caused by genetics. In order to verify this, we need to carefully examine the skin of the parents. If it is thin and it is possible to the naked eye to notice age spots, it is quite possible they will be and particular single person. Terrible pigmentation nothing, just the fact that not everybody likes it.


Brown circles around eyes: causes and their prevention

Unbalanced and untimely food and fascination with various diets will lead to dark circles under the eyes. If you abuse them, it is not surprising that under the eyes appeared dark circles. It says in this case that the body lacks vitamins and nutrients. Of course, if a person has weight problems, his desire to go on a diet and change worthy of respect, but do not need to do those percussive methods. For this purpose it is better to spend some amount of money and go to a competent nutritionist who will tell you how to eat to it has not brought harm, but at the same time that the result was noticeable.

A temporary malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, leading to the problem of dark circles. If they are not eliminated in a short time, or the condition worsens, then such a problem is to consult a doctor is necessary, otherwise it may happen irreparable.

This may be the wrong skin care age. The skin on the eyelids is very thin and delicate therefore it is necessary to properly care. You need to buy a special cream for age that corresponds to age, regularly to use it, apply a mask, use a scrub every day to clean with a special cleanser.

Prevention of disease

Need to do special exercises, which helps to disperse the blood throughout the body and normalize blood circulation. Such exercises will be extremely useful for the whole body and will help to avoid many problems related to health. You need to do special exercises for the eyes, they grow in different directions. It helps to normalize blood circulation in those areas which are around a century. Gymnastics for eyes helps those who have problems with vision (and to date, they have almost all). The only thing to remember is that before exercise for eyes to remove contact lenses.

General guidelines

You should always know how to get rid brown circles around the eyes. In that case, if the circles under the eyes are not symptoms of a disease, to get rid of them effortlessly. If the culprit of this phenomenon some kind of disease, then you need to eliminate it and the problem will solve it. Until one has recovered completely, to talk about how to get rid of circles under the eyes, it is still early.

First you need to take yourself in hand and say “no” to harmful habits. This applies both to drinking alcohol and Smoking. The latter will have to get rid of permanently, since nicotine is the worst enemy of the skin. As for alcohol, its regular use is also strictly prohibited. The only thing you can afford is a glass of good wine on occasion. If you follow these rules, then a positive result will come very quickly, it will not have to wait long.

We can spend more time outdoors it is also useful for the entire body. People almost always busy at work, but still need to free up time to do small walks during the day, enough even 15 minutes. As for the weekend, to prefer active rest. You can go camping with the whole family in the woods in the summer time, not forgetting to grab a ball. It will be useful to children, if any, for their health. But every time I go camping it is not necessary. You can skate, ski and sled, to organize outdoor games or to buy a trampoline.

Brown circles around eyes: causes and their prevention

You need to reconsider your feeding schedule, one must eat, but do not overeat. To eat approximately the same time, the snacks don't need to ignore, you just have to implement them correctly. In order to eat at the same time natural and home-made food, need to bring lunch to work or school. You need to withdraw completely or eat in moderation salty, fatty, smoked, fried, sweets. It is better to replace fresh vegetables and fruits, greens. Foods mostly need to be steamed or boiled.

To the eyelid skin does not suffer, it is necessary to exercise proper care. If to choose the means to care is impossible, it is better to consult a beautician. He will most likely advise a cream which contains collagen, as well as special oils that will help nourish and keep skin in good condition.

To exercise to choose the right eye cream, you need to consider your skin type and age. Usually on the packages of cream write, for what kind of skin it is intended. Cream marked “for skin around the eyes,” you need to pick up strictly individually. May have to try several options to find the perfect cream.

Cream best to buy at the pharmacy, as there is a chance that it will be more quality and it will not have allergies.

Brown circles under the eyes – the problem is solved, but to run and leave it unattended it should not be.



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