Pigmentation delivers a lot of grief the beautiful half of humanity. This is unpleasant from the aesthetic point phenomenon is especially prone to holders of sensitive fair skin. However, dark spots on the face can appear in women with any skin type and at any age.

Therefore there is a need to thoroughly understand this unpleasant problem.

Many women wonder about why there are spots on the face?

Factors causing the appearance of pigmentation, quite a lot.

Here are the most common ones:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • the ultraviolet light;
  • stay in a polluted environment;
  • malfunction of hormonal background;
  • the presence of an allergic reaction to some remedies;
  • an unbalanced diet;
  • excessive use of different medications;
  • prolonged stress;
  • improper skin care;
  • long-term exposure to synthetic clothes or rubber products;
  • age-related changes;
  • consequences of burns.

Since the skin is an indicator of the processes occurring in the body, it is advisable to seek the cause of such phenomena as dark spots on the face only by a qualified technician.


Dark spots on face: causes and treatment

Pigmentation has its own specific varieties:

Freckles – have a yellow color, but the sun's rays make them darker; usually occur in blondes or women with red hair, because their skin is the most sensitive to UV light.

Chloasma is a rather large spots, often occur during pregnancy.

Mole is a small areas of accumulation of melanin in the skin with relatively smooth edges; is the most common type of pigmentation.

Lentigo is characterized by the presence of brown spots on the face; usually occurs in the elderly.

Vitiligo – white spots that appear when the violation of the formation of melanin; this kind of pigmentation is rare.

Any of the above types of pigmentation is not life-threatening, but if dark spots on the face of discomfort, modern cosmetology will help to fix them.

If you are concerned about the presence of pigmentation, don't worry about it.

Treatment of pigmentation on face

In the beauty salons specialists can offer a variety of treatments that help to remove or to bleach dark spots on the face:

Cryotherapy – during the session, the spraying of liquid nitrogen onto the skin to achieve the freezing of the defect and its subsequent delimitation. Quite a painless procedure that lasts only a few minutes.

Chemical peeling is the application on the skin with a special combination of acids that block the formation of pigment. Removal of pigment spots on the face this method is more aggressive for the skin, so it is held only under the supervision of a highly qualified specialist.

Laser peel – laser beam is directed on the skin, evaporates the moisture in there, after the old cells die off and in their place come the healthy cells without pigment irregularities. This type of peeling is the safest.

Ultrasonic peeling – skin peeling treatment using ultrasonic waves in pigmented cells are injected individually tailored drugs that effectively split the darkening. Full bleaching of pigmented spots is achieved only after 10 sessions.

Mesotherapy – by introducing injections that have a specific composition, is the destruction of existing pigment, this considerably reduces the likelihood of re-formation of dark spots. For visual effect, it is sufficient for just a few treatments.

It is important to remember that if you have pigmented spots on the face, do not delay treatment, as the pigment tends to penetrate deep into the skin. It can greatly complicate the process of removing dark spots.

Dark spots on face: causes and treatment

Effectiveness of methods for removal of pigmentation

If pigmentation on the face surface and is not associated with various diseases, treatments to remove it may help:

  • to lighten skin tone 2-3 shades that will make less visible freckles and age spots;
  • So that every time a manifestation of pigmentation;
  • to improve the complexion and make it matte;
  • completely remove pigmentation from the face without sequelae.

Of course, you should consider that every procedure depends on the reasons for the appearance of age spots and the individual characteristics of the human body:

  • pigmentation that appeared on my face during pregnancy should not appear after the baby is born, the spots will disappear on their own;
  • any type of pigmentation fine is removed with the help of hardware cosmetology;
  • red spots after acne can be reduced by using folk remedies.
  • In order to effect treatment of pigmentation on the face was maximum in advance to find out the cause of this defect.

If you have decided to proceed with the whitening pigment spots, you can make facial masks and lotions, considering the advice of traditional medicine.

Folk remedies to eliminate age spots

People's beauty has huge reserves have been accumulated over centuries of beauty secrets.

Small dark spots on the face can be removed at home so simple and effective ways:

  • herbal infusions;
  • lotions are used when there is an exacerbation of pigmentation, for example, in spring or autumn;
  • whitening cream, mask;
  • compresses help to get rid of pigmentation, which reason is solar activity or a slight damage to the skin.

Let's see how to bleach face at home using affordable and efficient means to eliminate the unwanted pigmentation of the skin.

The lemon facial is very often used in cosmetics. 2 tbsp lemon juice to combine with the same quantity of 3% hydrogen peroxide, to this mixture soak gauze cloth, and then put it on a surface face; a quarter of an hour to remove the poultice, skin wash thoroughly with water at room temperature.

A lotion of parsley

1 tbsp chopped parsley pour 50 ml of vodka, leave for a week in a dark place, then strain the infusion; soaked in the lotion cotton pad to wipe the skin twice a day. You can also make a mask out of parsley, which help to whiten the pigmentation.

Honey cream without age spots on face

In a bowl to drip a few drops of iodine, add 1 tbsp honey, 1 tsp. petroleum jelly and 1 tbsp of castor oil, all thoroughly mixed, the resulting mixture was put in refrigerator; apply the cream on the face of the relatively thin layer before bedtime.

The infusion of grapefruit juice

Take a grapefruit and squeeze the juice out of it, dilute with boiled water in the ratio 1: 2. Formed infusion to wipe your face at night, not washing. To wash only in the morning

Dark spots on face: causes and treatment

The infusion of the berries

Take fresh black berries and red currants, squeeze the juice or mash through a sieve. Mass pour boiling water and leave to infuse for 1 hour. Apply the mixture on face and massage for a few minutes. Leave for 20 minutes. To apply the cream.

Mask for getting rid of age spots

To deal with excessive pigmentation on the face is very conveniently with the help of homemade masks. All the ingredients for them always at the farm, moreover, this method requires a minimum expenditure of time and Finance.

Curd mask

2 tbsp mashed cottage cheese thoroughly combine with 1 tsp. of ammonia, add 10 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide, mix all ingredients together; apply to face, after a quarter of an hour to remove the remnants with a damp cloth.

Now are you aware of all the ways how to get rid of age spots on the face. It is only necessary to have patience, do not be lazy to care for themselves. Then the beautiful skin will become your calling card.



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