Than to smear the bruise to quickly passed, not all know. Such information certainly will not be in vain. Ugly dark blue spots you want to quickly reduce the skin. And it's not even the pain for the most part, quite tolerant, and that the bruises bring considerable psychological discomfort.

Often the bruises are the result of a certain mechanical impact on the skin – this can be pressure, shot, etc. To the point where there was contact of the skin with the traumatic subject matter, some of the vessels burst, unable to withstand the pressure from the outside. The blood that circulates in the injured vessels passes into the subcutaneous layer, resulting in its stagnation. This is the place and a turn into a bruise after the skin with accumulated blood begins to darken.As a rule, everyone wants to get rid of the unsightly blue stains to not hide this area of the skin from the looks, not to cause unnecessary questions and not to hide puffiness under the layers of Foundation. Want to reduce the period when the marks on the skin especially bright and they change color.


How to anoint the bruise to quickly pass?

Mechanical breach of the integrity of small vessels may not always occur due to the use of force from the outside. The appearance of a bruise to a greater extent depends on the elasticity of the vessel walls. What this factor is higher, the stronger decreases the likelihood that the skin will have dark or red-blue blur. It is necessary to take into account the ability to regenerate tissues. Different people have it different; therefore, different and the time during which the person gets rid of the blue spots on the skin.

The recommendations of experts

Most doctors, if we turn to him with the question, how to make a bruise was quickly advise a fairly simple pattern. In the first day and especially in the first hours after he had been a traumatic effect on the skin, it is necessary to provide the effect of cold on the site. The cold has a vasoconstrictor effect on the injury, causing the amount of blood impingement under the skin becomes much less.

To create a cooling compress may be appropriate copper coin, an iron spoon or other similar object with a cool surface that is poorly heated.

To create a cooling compress may be appropriate copper coin, an iron spoon or similar object with a cool surface

Perfect to prepare this compress of ice cubes that can be gotten from the fridge. They need to be folded in a plastic bag, well wrapped, to the gradual thawing out of the fridge the ice would seep out. Outside you can wrap an ice pack in a thin towel. Then apply the compress to the affected place. Such actions contribute to the accelerated desorption of the hematoma, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise instead of healing you can get frostbite.

When held about a day after impact, change impact from a cold to warm. With the help of heating pads, patches – pepper or mustard can be some increase circulation and help grow healthy vessels located in the region of injury. The alternating temperature exposures can be done to prevent the appearance of a bruise, and in that case, if it is already manifested.

Effective means to relieve symptom

Many received the bruise, trying as quickly as possible to anoint something the affected area. In pharmacy there are constantly new medications and ointments. They not only help to remove from skin unsightly stains, but not prevent infections, but also struggle with painful feelings. If you are going to use some ointment for the treatment of bruises, check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Known cases when bruises appear on the skin not bumps and herbs, and just from touch. The man noticed a strange thing, faster is recommended to take a course of vitamin therapy, focusing on saturation of the body with vitamin C.

To create a cooling compress may be appropriate copper coin, an iron spoon or similar object with a cool surface

Recipes of traditional medicine

Any person that wants to get rid of the ugly marks on the skin, can use this well-known folk remedies.

You can choose from many options:

  • to injury were faster, use fresh cabbage leaves: apply them to the affected place and hold for a time;
  • good and effective poultice can be made from raw potato pulp or husks, or mashed boiled potatoes. Place it on the affected area, put a piece of clean cloth and tie;
  • you can just cut in half a raw potato and apply a fresh slice to affected area of skin;
  • prepare slurry of soy flour and touch the sore spot. Rinse with warm water;
  • mash or chop the plantain leaf and attach to the shock, tie a clean cloth;
  • make lotions of juice or decoction of rue.

It is possible to prepare such mixtures for wraps or just to treat:

Onion rubs on a grater. Dried plantain leaf to scuff up the powder, 1 tablespoon mixed with onion. Add a large spoonful of honey, its okay to warm up on a water bath with constant stirring. When used as a compress is applied on bruises and leave for 2 hours. This procedure can be repeated up to 3 times a day.

How to anoint the bruise to quickly pass?

Garlic peel, chop to a pulp. Take 3 tablespoons of the garlic pulp, pour 6% vinegar in 300 ml. during the day the mixture infuses at room temperature in a dark place. Contents are periodically stirred. In conclusion, the resulting mass must squeeze through cheesecloth and use drained liquid to clean the bruises.

In any of the pharmacies sold the drug under the name of Options. It can be in the form of powder or ointment. The powder should be diluted using alcohol or vegetable oil. Rubbing the mixture in bruises, you can reduce the time in which they will dissolve.

Immediately after injury to prevent the emergence of red-and-blue spots, it is recommended to Rub into the bruise of soap, which has unique properties. Not far behind him butter natural – rub it should be immediately after impact.

In time taking action, it is usually possible to avoid painful bruising that can stick to the skin for a few weeks.



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