Light curls are always in fashion, and this hairstyle is suitable for celebrations and for everyday life. If you do not have time to visit the salon, you can easily make light curls at home in 5 minutes, we'll show you the easy way. This hairstyle for girls, who have no much time for styling.

To create curls you will need: foam, thermal protection, lacquer, rubber, or сurling iron and your favorite music to set the mood for the whole day. With this toolbox you can make great big curls in 5 minutes.


Before to do this packing, it is desirable to wash my hair and apply the foam, although this is optional, but the hair will stay longer and be more voluminous. This styling is done on dry hair.

Quick and beautiful hair in three steps

  • Step 1. Gather hair into a high ponytail, the tail is combed and divided into several equal parts. Due to the high ponytail hairstyle will be a good amount.
  • Step 2. Treat the hair with thermal protection, and then each strand twists with Curling irons or Ironing.

With the help of curling iron. Make sure the curling irons have a tapered shape. A similar tool allows you to cheat curls like long hair and short.

With the help of the iron. The way to make large curls is designed for owners of thin hair.

  • Step 3. Now carefully remove the rubber band, put your head down and hands straighten the curls to add volume. In the end, if you wish, you can sprinkle hair lacquer and secure stacking.

So, in three steps you get beautiful curls without spending a lot of time and effort.

To fix the result will help here are the photos.

Photo tutorial: how to make easy curls

How to make quick and simple curls in 5 minutes. Step by step instructions with photos

How to make quick and simple curls in 5 minutes. Step by step instructions with photos

Now you know the secret to quick styling.



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