Every woman, who properly takes care of herself, should know how to wash off henna from eyebrows. Sometimes when women paint the eyebrows and remains dissatisfied with the result of staining, it is absolutely necessary. Eyebrows are a very important part of appearance that requires proper and careful maintenance. If you do not get right the first time, then at least the mood will be ruined for a very long time. So before dyeing with henna eyebrows at home by yourself, you need to learn how to wash off the paint, if the result is absolutely not satisfied.

Of course, you can do without color at all. If a woman is not satisfied with the tone, it can be corrected with a cosmetic pencil. But the fact is that with the pace of modern life, women do not want to spend too much time on your morning makeup, so such procedure as eyelash extensions, nails or coloring eyebrows, is no surprise. One of the advantages of such procedures is that the paint will not wash off nor fade during the day, not flow during prolonged exposure to the sun or when swimming in the pool, the view will always remain fresh and flourishing.

Contraindications to the use of paint

Of course, before dyeing eyebrows, you need to be aware of some contraindications. For example, if the skin women are very sensitive, prone to various kinds of rashes and dermatitis is hypersensitivity of the components of the paint, the paint is better is not necessary, as it comes about health in General. Otherwise you'll have to remove the paint for the eyebrows from the skin.

Worth the wait with this procedure for those women who have infectious diseases of the eye. For starters, these diseases need to be cured and only then think about painting the eyebrows . Some experts firmly insist that we should not paint the eyebrows of pregnant women. Beauty salons, valuing its reputation, which I do not presume to paint the eyebrows pregnant women, as chemical components contained in the paint may cause substantial harm to the health of her unborn child and be toxic.


How to wash the henna from the skin of the eyebrows?

Useful tips

In order not to suffer from the fact that things didn't work out as hoped, and does not wash off the paint, you need to pick up the tint and make the procedure correctly, then rinse. Of course, to avoid errors that can make each of us need to use the ideal service of the master. But the fact that the services in the salon not everyone can afford, and paint eyebrows at home much cheaper. While no one is immune from that, and the wizard will make a mistake. Unfortunately, even professionals make mistakes sometimes. But this error is unlikely. The master will have to make a correction to his eyebrows was smooth and equally thick in all areas.

But it also happens that the client is not satisfied with the results of the wizard. Of course, the cabin is the means by which you can lighten badly painted eyebrows, but no the wizard will not do this immediately after staining. Sometimes I can say that brightening the paint is harmful and can leave a person without eyebrows. And in these words there is truth to that because the paint really has a chemical composition very effect on hair growth. So to strip paint that is not as aggressive funds, you can use them at home, will not have to wait, it will take a few days.

Before painting, you need to be prepared for the fact that even in that case, if the result is fully satisfied, the eyebrows need tinting with a frequency of approximately once a month. Face should be washing every day, so the paint will very quickly to lighten. Eyebrows tend to grow, becoming thicker and thicker. Therefore, a constant correction they need.

Than to wash the henna from the skin of the eyebrows

If people paint eyebrows for the first time and not sure that he will succeed immediately, then you need to have the means with which you can wash off the paint for the eyebrows. Need to know how to wash off the paint from the eyebrows right. This you can buy in the store cosmetics or household chemicals. But most often people too cocky and not thinking about the fact that the colour result may not hold. So if he's painted eyebrows bad, to solve the problem of removing paint, you can use small tricks.

First you need to say that there are things that you absolutely cannot use for paint removal. These tools remove the paint, but can damage the skin. These tools include gasoline, acetone, dishwashing and cleaning glass and various household surfaces.

The safest method of removing paint from skin using oil.

Will fit any brand, besides hard to imagine a mistress who do not find any oil. Suitable vegetable oil sunflower, corn, olive, linseed, castor, any cosmetic. In order to use oil to remove paint, you need to during the day to smear their eyebrows, walk about 10 minutes and then wash off with cotton pad or swab.

In addition to oil, you can use lemon juice or citric acid solution. The selected liquid is applied to the fleece, which is applied to the eyebrows for 3-5 minutes. Of course, you can feel a slight burning sensation, but it's absolutely fine, nothing wrong with that. Burning sensation will have to endure. But it very effectively removes paint from the eyebrows. You can also use a solution of hydrogen peroxide for these purposes. You need to apply peroxide on a cotton swab and gently wipe the eyebrows until they brighten to the desired shade, or the dye will not wash off at all. If desired, the paint so you can erase completely.

How to wash the henna from the skin of the eyebrows?

If it turns out that the above means not at home, for this fit the usual soap, preferably economic. You need to draw eyebrows and RUB them and massage. Of course, once it will not help to get rid of the initial tone of the eyebrows, these routines will have to spend two days or more. You can try to wash your eyebrows with a scrub for face or body. Then wash off the rest. This method also can wash away the paint for the eyebrows.

Of course, all of these methods are not so harmful, but still there is no need to irritate the skin around the eyebrows, after the procedure, you need to apply to the skin moisturizing or nourishing cream. If cream is not at hand, or a woman prefers to use only natural remedies, they to restore the skin can be made independently. To do this, mix the olive oil with the parsley juice.

If the eyebrow was used no paint, and the juice of arugula, then you need to know what the painting is absolutely unsustainable and it will wash off after a while, under ordinary conditional persons with the means to do so. But if you suffer a woman wants and believes that the new eyebrow color is very much spoils its appearance, several times to wash the area with soap and water. This should remove unpleasant woman tint with eyebrow.



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