Being one of the most affordable and versatile types of meat, chicken is perfect not only for cooking cutlets, but also as the basis of chicken pancakes – a dish that's suitable for use in standalone form or with a side dish any time of the day. How to cook pancakes from chicken breast we describe below.

Do you know how to make fritters of eggplant? There is nothing complicated here, but the food is extremely healthy and great for snacks or a hearty Breakfast.

Fritters chicken liver or liver burgers – simple, affordable, but also healthy and tasty dish. They can be served with a garnish of the main dish, and you can just put on a sandwich. How to make pancakes from chicken liver, read below.

Pancakes – a dish, a favorite of many of us since childhood. There are lots of options for their preparation. And now you will learn how to make fluffy pancakes on the yogurt and yeast.

Zucchini is a wonderful and very versatile vegetable with a soft flesh. For heat treatment should be not more than 5-7 minutes.

It is good as with a small amount of spice, and as part of complex dishes. For example, it is often used in meat and vegetarian soups, meatballs, stews, cakes, desserts. Due to the fact that this vegetable is quite neutral in taste, dishes with it, you can make any color.

Autumn is not only a time for our table, the pumpkin reigns, one of the main ingredients of the menu of the "Golden times" to eat apples. Based on these fruits can prepare any dish, without exception, but we will stop for a hearty breakfast – pancakes with apples and milk, which is prepared much easier than you, might think.

While the shelves you can still find cauliflower at an affordable price, do not miss the chance to experience the recipe for this simple snack. Pancakes of cauliflower out surprisingly gentle, resembling counterparts from a tavern in its consistency, can be served even cold, and are great to be eaten for lunch at work or school.

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