Suggested options for cooking healthy and incredibly delicious pancakes of oatmeal. Despite the absence in the recipe of wheat flour, these products are no way inferior to the classic, however, are more mild and less calories. For those who fast a special recipe pancakes without eggs and dairy products on the water.

Thick pancakes, as thin or delicate, have a significant audience of loyal fans who prefer their rich taste. Especially for them we offer options tasty thick pancakes, prepared on a different basis, which may be milk, whey or just water in lean performance meals without eggs. Such pancakes are traditionally, you can submit sour cream, honey, jam or any other flavoring application on your choice and taste.

There is an opinion that pancakes on the mineral water are more crispy and thin, so if you are a fan of these pancakes, then this material will surely find a place in your cooking notebook.

If there is a need to make pancakes without flour, this article will help you to cope with the task on "perfectly". Below we offer recipes from which you can choose for themselves the most appropriate option for this dish.

Have you ever tried to cook yogurt pancakes? If so, I know firsthand how soft and delicious they turn out. Yogurt works wonders and makes the dough airy. And to serve such cakes are best with honey or sweet syrup.

Pancakes can be filled with any filling, resulting in each time completely new interesting taste of the finished dish. Today we will talk about how to use as a filling for pancakes composition from cheese and ham. Despite the banality of this combination, the taste is simply stunning.

Sometimes you want to bake something original and unusual. It is for this case, we will tell you how to cook pancakes with apples. They are incredibly tasty, with a pleasant fruity acidity.

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