There are many recipes of pancakes. We focus on a simple and successful options will show you how to make a treat using as the basis for the dough boiling water. These pancakes deserve a special attention, because in the end they turn out incredibly tender and, most importantly thin.

Pancakes on the water and milk have gets the most harmonic taste and the right density and texture. Variations of recipes in this version, we offer below in our material.

Many believe that the fluffy pancakes can be cooked just on yogurt or milk and skeptical about the idea of using as a basis to test the water.

I hasten to dispel all doubts and offer two recipes that will prove otherwise and will help to prepare fluffy and soft pancakes on the water.

As part of such a popular product like as pancakes - the batter, which, by roasting in the pan at different temperatures and using different recipes, takes on a different texture and flavors. The different pancake recipes of liquid used for dough: kefir, milk, whey or water. Depending on the underlying components change the texture and taste of the dish.

Traditional pancakes are often prepared on the water. This method of cooking has been associated with the observance of fast days, and with the poor state that could not afford the daily dairy diet. Times have changed and the recipe has received extreme popularity and novelty. The dough for pancakes on the water and knead in the European manner - with soda or sparkling water, and the old-fashioned way-using a simple choux pastry.

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