Even in the post you want to pamper yourself with a variety of dishes, and not to turn it on hunger strike. In this article, we will talk with you about cooking delicious pancakes.

We offer simple but interesting recipes for pancakes with fillings, you can apply and during the week, and for the holiday table. Also, fasting for vegetarians - introducing meatless version of the dish.

Liver pancakes with stuffing are the dish that can safely hide incredibly useful, but the specific taste of the product is the liver to feed those who refuse drinking it in its pure form. But the real fans of foods from the liver will be simply overjoyed by eating these delicious snacks.

Pancakes can be eaten with sour cream, jam, jam, as you can simply because they are delicious and so. And you can also stuff them with meat, cheese, mushrooms. Read below how to make delicious meat filling for pancakes.

Bananas are high in calories and rich fruit, in spite of this, there are banana diet, which provides only these wonderful yellow foreign fruit. And no wonder, because it contains high amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins. One fruit contains the daily norm of vitamin C and almost no fat. We propose to cook a perfect Breakfast of pancakes, on the basis of this wonderful fruit, and even without the addition of flour.

Of the following recipes you will learn how to make incredibly delicious cake pancakes. Depending on the filling it can be magnificent mouth-watering desserts and rich and delicious appetizer.

Pancakes – thin baked or grilled items round shape of batter – a traditional dish in the culinary culture of many peoples. Practice making pancakes consisted of preliterate times, had a ritual-sacred character, it is associated with solar-lunar cyclic calendar events and cults.

Pancakes stuffed with red fish - one of the most popular cold appetizers, which cannot just beautify your home table, but quite rightly is a constant in the menu of exquisite banquets and receptions. And, despite the popularity at dinner parties, easy and fast cooking is surprising.

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