There are thousands of diets, however not all of them are beneficial to our health. So to all those who want to lose weight and not hurt yourself at the same time, it is necessary when choosing a diet to consider following rules:

• the right diet should have a good influence on metabolism, the gastro-intestinal tract;
• to improve the appearance of: skin, hair, nails;
• boost your immune system and enhance the protective function of the body.


How to achieve this?

Most useful diet: become slender without harm for your health!

First of all, you need to follow the rules of balanced nutrition! That's the whole point!

Try to give preference to:

• fruits, vegetables;
• lean meats, fish;
• cereals;
• milk and dairy products.

Minimize consumption:

• salt,
• sugar
• sausages,
• semi-finished products,
• fast food
• overly fatty, fried and smoked food.


§ In the day you should drink plenty of fluids – about 2.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water, green tea, unsweetened juice or berry juice.
§ All the food is better to cook steamed, baked, boiled. Or at least to extinguish.
§ You need to eat often, up to five or six times a day but small portions, about the size of a palm.
§ Sweets you need to eat in the morning, then to consume foods rich in protein.
§ Have supper no later than three to four hours before bedtime.

Most useful diet: become slender without harm for your health!


Approximately so looks the menu of the most useful diet for a week.

1. Breakfast: oatmeal, orange juice;
2. lunch: steamed fish, steamed vegetables;
3. dinner: a pair of boiled chicken eggs, lettuce;
4. snacks: berries, natural yoghurt.

1. Breakfast: millet porridge with dried apricots;
2. lunch: veggie soup, a piece of boiled lean meat;
3. dinner: cabbage salad, one egg;
4. snack: banana; handful of nuts (not more than 25 g. a day)


1. Breakfast: rice porridge, green tea;
2. lunch: baked potato, salad from fresh cucumbers;
3. dinner: chicken meatballs steamed tomato salad;
4. snacks: fresh carrots, pears.

1. Breakfast: sandwiches from whole wheat bread, cucumber and slices of hard cheese, herbal tea;
2. dinner: puree of pumpkin, a piece of boiled beef;
3. dinner: salad from prawn and avocado;
4. snacks: low-fat cottage cheese, green apples.

1. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge;
2. lunch: baked fish, vegetable salad;
3. dinner: vegetable casserole;
4. snack: yogurt, peaches.

1. Breakfast: fruit salad with a dressing of natural yogurt;
2. lunch: buckwheat with red beans and tomatoes;
3. dinner: boiled chicken fillet and vegetable salad;
4. snacks: boiled egg, oranges.

1. Breakfast: oatmeal with honey and nuts;
2. lunch: vegetable soup with meat;
3. dinner: beet salad with cheese;
4. snacks: cheesecake, bananas.

Eating is such a useful way, it is possible in seven days become lighter for a couple of pounds without any harm to health, to normalize metabolism, to organize the work of the stomach, liver and intestines! You health and beauty!



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