In 2017, barbers appeal to naturalness, but not boring colors! Whatever color (elegant brown or provocatively-red) – the hair structure should not be affected. Gone are the days when for the sake of the original colors had to sacrifice the health of the hair!

French manicure – is one of the most versatile, elegant and stylish varieties of nail Polish that looks great on girls of all ages and perfect for all occasions. Time does not stand still, changing trends and preferences, new types of French. In this article you will be learn about popular French manicure spring-summer 2017, learn about new products and also about interesting ideas.

Spring symbolizes the beginning of a new life, so at this time we all want a positive change. Someone makes a repair or redecorating in the house, someone changes the style, someone makes a new haircut, and someone chooses interesting spring manicure 2017. In this article we will be introduce you to unusual ideas, novelties and fashion trends in the nail industry.

Time does not stand still, as fashion trends. With this, in order to be in trend, you need to follow the novelties, clothing, and makeup and manicures. In this article, we have gathered for you the most fashionable and modern designs gel nail lacquer spring-summer 2017, and will describe the advantages and disadvantages of this coating.

Any girl who wants to look stylish, fashionable and impressive, have followed, not only for fashion but also trends in the nail industry. In order for you do not spend a lot of time looking for information in the pursuit of novelties, we have gathered for you interesting collection with fashionable manicure 2017, in which you will see all the most popular designs this season.

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