Sometimes for no apparent reason there is a darkening under the nail. This is especially the case with the nails on the big toes and on his hands. It bothers women as unattractive. And, worse, may be part of a serious problem. Condition nail plates generally can tell a lot to an experienced doctor about your health. Find out why blacken toenails and how to cope with this difficult problem.

Dark nail: Finger is the center of nerve endings and small blood vessels, and therefore, even minor trauma can leave under your nail ugly dark mark.

Very common, but harmless cause hemorrhage under the nail. This place may form a hematoma (bruise) due to hit. This can occur, for example, when a blackened toenail due to wearing too tight shoes. Such darkening after injury can end even detachment of the nail and the regret of new. But most of the bruise under the nail just goes by itself.


Dark nail: causes and treatment tips

Much more of a hassle delivers such a cause of darkening as a fungal disease. Even if you wear only leather footwear that not to take off their shoes in public areas in a timely manner and get a pedicure anyway to eliminate the color change of the nail due to the fungus impossible.

Women who are fond of modern fashion trends in nail design, also often faced with a darkening of the nail plate on the hands. Some non-original varnishes, gel varnishes, shellac, and other coatings, if not applied under their recommended base coat, you can paint the nail. Also deep inside the nail can penetrate paint substances such as potassium permanganate, walnut juice, etc. to Cope with the changing colors is difficult, but it is not dangerous to health.

Since ancient times it is known that some internal diseases affect the nails change their color. As already stated, when blood circulation there are spots of blue and black colors. If worried about a serious problem of the gastrointestinal tract, the nails may appear dark-green spots. In the long course of some diseases of the brain and nerves, the tip of the finger and the nail acquires a blue tint.

These are the main reasons why the nail plate can change the color. We now turn to restoring a healthy color.

When you need to go to the doctor

After a heavy injury, pinching a finger, you can show the injured limb doctor. Most people cost house treatment when they discover that black toenail. But if the bruise hurts and long runs, probably under the nail accumulated excess amount of blood, which causes stress. You need to go to the doctor, the surgeon who will open and clean the cavity.

There is one simple reason that causes the blackening of the nail. It's a hemangioma – a benign tumor under the nail. Pathological growth of blood vessels visible through the transparent nail plate. In addition to changing color, the disease is accompanied by pain and great discomfort when walking. If you experience such discomfort, then without delay contact your doctor to show the blackened nail.

How to cure dark without the help of a doctor?

To bring order to the injured nail, you need to:

Immediately after scoring / jamming cooling finger: apply ice pack, to substitute the injured spot on hands or feet under cold water.

If the kick stands out a blood, then it must actively remove until it coagulates. To her as little as possible is left under the nail. There is a pretty extreme way to do it: pierce the nail with a pin, heated in the fire and squeeze all the blood accumulated under the plate. This popular way to prevent a hematoma under my thumb works very well, but requires a lot of courage. After this procedure, we need to decontaminate the finger and bandage it.

While black nail changes after injury, it must be periodically cut. Otherwise it will catch on something and tear, and that can be frustrating and painful. It is possible to fix the plate peels off with bandage or band-aid.

Dark nail: causes and treatment tips

National whitening recipes

Another thing is if the changes caused by staining varnish or a failed build. Then you can get rid of the darkening by using home remedies. While restoring the natural color of the nails on the hands, don't cover them with any polishes or gels, in order not to aggravate the problem even more. Use to treat dark spots only natural ingredients.

Aloe and soda

Squeeze the juice from the freshly cut letters. 30 ml of juice mix with 30 oz. soda to make a paste. Apply this paste on the black nail, wait to dry. Then rinse composition.

Olive oil and calcium

Use tablets of calcium glaciate to whiten the surface of the nail plate. Crush a couple of tablets to a fine powder and sprinkle them in a drop of olive oil. Mix. Slather on the bleaching area, keep for half an hour.


Strangely enough, even salt can whiten the nails on the hands and feet. Take a teaspoon of fine salt and add a drop of water until you get a paste. Whitening apply this paste on the problem area and wait until it dries and will not turn into a crust. Then remove it.

Hydrogen peroxide

This versatile harmless bleach suitable in this case. Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide (3%) in the ratio of 2 to 1. This slurry apply to the nails, a little rubbing. Rinse after three minutes.


He's not just whiten the nail plate, but also improve them. Glycerin can be purchased at the pharmacy. Mix it with hydrogen peroxide: 1 part glycerin to 5 parts of peroxide and slather on whitening the nail. Remove the tool after 4 to 5 minutes.

As you can see, it is enough to correctly answer the question "Why blacken toenails?", and here is a few ways of solving the problem. Important kind to your body, use only time –tested home remedies and the treatment time to see a doctor.



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