Why inflammation appears on your face? Our face is always open to external factors, often even changes in the weather affect the condition of our skin and cause inflammation on the face. Alas, to adjust the weather to it, we cannot, but we can protect your face from various rashes and diseases of the skin. First of all, let's understand, why there and what could be the inflammation on the face?

Inflammation on the face: types and causes, effective treatments

Therefore it is necessary to begin to understand what inflammation on the face.

  1. The pustules and purulent rashes. Very similar to a little white ball around which can be seen small red spots. Apart from the face, pustules can also appear on the chest and back. In order to cure such inflammation, you must consult your doctor who will prescribe treatment according to the extent of your problem.
  1. The papules. This pink-red or violet-brown rash on the skin which are small in size. If You press on the pimple, then clean it still will not work. If you squeeze such inflammation, to anything good it will not. Scars remain on the face forever. Therefore it is better to visit a doctor and undergo medical treatment that he would appoint.
  1. Subcutaneous nodules – the bumpy acne, which can grow up to 10 mm in diameter. They can be either on the skin surface or deep (subcutaneous pimples or white bumps on the face ). To feel and distinguish the nodules you can pain. If such a problem does not treated, it may develop into a very big problem, which is called a boil. The boil can be cured only with the help of a surgeon.

If you are starting to notice the appearance of such rashes, you should immediately seek help from a professional to not run his face, otherwise the disease will continue to progress.


How to quickly reduce inflammation on the face

How to get rid of inflammation on face: helpful tips

Ever wonder how to get rid of the inflammation on the face? In order to get rid of them, first find out the cause. If you analyze everything as early as possible, You will avoid many errors and problems.

If you find the above inflammation on the chin, it means You have problems with the digestive or endocrine system. It may also be related to hormonal changes in women.

Inflammation, which appear under the eye, is the cause of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Very often come dones and pustules (like acne ) appear in the forehead. In this area they appear due to problems with the pancreas, intestines or gall bladder.

Place of inflammation around the eyebrows appear in the General intoxication of the organism or specimen.

How to remove an inflammation on face from acne: treatment method

To eliminate inflammation in various ways. Best of all You will help with a doctor who can accurately determine the cause of the inflammation and prescribe accurate treatment.

An experienced doctor will prescribe medication:

  • Antibiotics;
  • Antibacterial ointments;
  • Multivitamins;

How to quickly reduce inflammation on the face: cosmetic techniques

In eliminating inflammation in the facial area can help you with the experienced cosmetologist, who knows what the procedure should be performed for specific types of acne.

Mesotherapy is performed to resolve inflammatory reactions. Is administered a therapeutic cocktail.

Cryotherapy – treatment of inflammation by low temperatures. But this procedure is not for everyone.

Peeling is allowed only in the treatment of lung lesions.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the safest and effective way that will allow you to get rid of acne.

This way of eliminating pimples have little to spend, but the result will not make you wait too long and your face will once again shine with cleanness and freshness.

How to quickly reduce inflammation on the face

How to remove an inflammation on the face at home?

Treatment at home will help You to get rid of lung inflammation on the skin. But if You have a severe rash, home remedies will only help to accelerate the emergence of outcome with drug therapy or cosmetology.

Here are some folk remedies?
  • Ice cubes. Brew a Cup of boiling water rinsed thoroughly and chopped parsley. To insist 2 hours. After that, strain the broth and pour into special molds for ice. Wipe the face every morning. Try not to injure the skin.
  • Lotions. 2-3 drops of essential tea tree oil dissolved in a teaspoon of filtered water. Lotion is applied on inflamed skin. Apply 2-3 times a day for one week.
  • Anti-bacterial face mask, take some berries, they should be cleaned from bones and skin after you turn them into mush. It adds so much starch to form a thick mask. Correctly apply the mask on the face 2 times a week for half an hour.
  • Mask of potatoes from inflammation on the face. Take a fresh, peeled potato and grate. 100 grams of the resulting slurry is mixed with pre-beaten raw egg yolk. Add one tablespoon of concentrated lemon juice. Before the use of masks is necessary to add copper sulfate at the tip of the knife. Keep this mixture on the face can be only 15-20 minutes. Rinse with a solution of water and lemon juice. To 1 liter of water – 100 ml of juice. Can be applied 2-3 times a day.

Causes of inflammation on his face a lot, as well as methods of their treatment. Therefore, in order not to harm you, take care of this problem right now. And very soon your face will say "Thank you!".



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