To care for problem skin in any way – that's why women and girls at any age have a lot of time. In addition to trips to fashion beauty in the pursuit of youth, perfect skin, treatments can be taken easily at home. One of the most popular is peeling.

What is peeling?

Professional peel – this is one of the most important procedures in cosmetic that cleans the skin from dead cells, better than any other mechanical action. Thanks to him, you will be able to get rid of the first wrinkles, acne, scars from acne, increased dryness of the skin of the body (as a scrub for hands, feet, back, face).


Peels at home: recipes chemical and acid purification

Quality procedure will improve the complexion, greatly reduce the pores, which are constantly clogged with dirt, fat, not allowing oxygen to fully saturate the top layer of the epidermis. Simply put, the peeling eliminates the flaws that often spoil the mood of the fair sex, makes you look like a Hollywood beauties.

How to make chemical peels for the face and body at home?

Those who are interested in homemade beauty treatments, you know that you don't have to go to expensive beauty salons and medical centers, because the peeling at home is really. However, before you proceed, it will be better to consult with a specialist who will examine your skin and then recommend what type of you better to resort. Read more about each of them.


The basis of any of the peels are AHA-acids, which affect the upper layer of the epidermis, ridding it of dead skin particles, black spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Acid can be completely different chemical origin, fruit, dairy and others. Each of them corresponds to the type of peeling, it is recommended that specific skin type.

Having studied separately the types of peels and the effect of various acids, you will be able to choose your own way of rejuvenating and cleansing the body, including the face and skin around the eyes. The easiest to make acetylsalicylic acid peeling is to buy some aspirin and mix some pills with a teaspoon of water. The tool is applied to the face and washed off after 5 minutes. It is important to rinse, the composition does not remain in the folds or on inconspicuous places.


Soft peeling based on lactic acid to give your skin a second life. If you wanted to get rid of wrinkles and fight against acne, it is definitely your option. Lactic acid gently cleanses the skin, giving it a smooth tone, impeccable smoothness. Course of treatments must be up to 5 times with a break for a week or two. Remedy with lactic acid lasts up to half an hour and washed off with warm water. After the procedure definitely need to moisturize or apply care mask based on algae.

With fruit acids

The most atraumatic procedure cleansing at home is considered a peeling with fruit acids (grape, Apple, lemon). It gently removes dead skin cells, moisturizing and saturating the epidermis necessary nutrients. The skin becomes fresh, has a healthy, even tone. The use of fruit peeling will help get rid of wrinkles and lines, tighten the skin. The recommended course of 7 treatments with an interval of a week.

Peels at home: recipes chemical and acid purification

Peeling with azelaic acid

Azelaic acid medicine for treatment is often recommended for those struggling with acne. It is perfect for women with sensitive skin. Azelaic acid bleaches perfectly eliminates age spots, the yellow skin color that appears over the years, actively fights acne and signs of aging. Before carrying out the procedure at home, you need to test for 3 days before the procedure. Apply a small amount of peeling on the inner bend of the elbow and after 30 minutes rinse. Watch for a reaction.

With citric acid

Citric acid as a means for deep purification of the face has excellent properties, bleaching the skin, giving it a fresh look. To carry out this procedure at home is easier: you need only one spoon of citric acid to mix with two tablespoons of clean water (in both cases, the teaspoon). The mixture should be applied on face, massage gently and then thoroughly rinse with water after 7 minutes.

Peeling scalp

In addition to treatments for the face, there is a peeling for the body, including the scalp. This procedure will best help to get rid of excessive fat, which often leads to more serious problems such as hair loss or excessive dandruff. Used regularly, it leads to rapid hair growth, but you need to consult a trichologist to guarantee results.

How to do the peeling?

If you are going to carry out chemical peels for face at home, you need to study the manual. Visit a specialist that will help you to choose the products for your skin. Overexposure of drug leads to very unpleasant consequences, so take exfoliation seriously. In addition, do not neglect extra care after the procedure: the face is important to moisturize and saturate the useful substances.


Deep peeling (phenol, enzyme) is a concentrated composition, which penetrates deeply into the epidermis layer, therefore, has a lot of contraindications. Rehabilitation of the skin after this procedure may take up to a week's time. However, the result is obvious: small wrinkles disappear, pores will be cleansed, and the skin will look healthy and radiant. Deep cleansing is recommended for women aged 50 years and above with pronounced ageing, the presence of scars, scars.

Peels at home: recipes chemical and acid purification


Superficial or light peels are suitable for the young generation (Teens, girls up to 20) who have major skin problems, acne, increased oiliness. It can be salt, soda and capable of sparing way to clean the upper layer of the epidermis and remove blemishes caused by acne. The procedure takes 5 to 10 minutes. American manufacturers of professional cosmetics many years ago invented peeling the bedroll and calcium chloride, which allows you to gently rid the skin of dead skin particles, giving it a fresh and healthy appearance.


Median cleansing suitable for those who wants to get rid of first signs of aging, age spots and regulate sebum secretion. The type of funds (almond, retinol, coral, fresh-water sponge) does not affect the deeper layers of the epidermis. Rehabilitation of the skin takes place faster than after a deep clean. You will look much younger and fresher. It is recommended that women over 30 years old.



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