Any finger on the leg or arm may swell only in the case of injury to or penetration of pathogens of purulent infections in the investigation of microtrauma. Even a small abrasion or scratch can cause contact with tissue of a finger to a staph infection. The inflammatory process most often caused by streptococcal infection, which is common in children and people who do not follow the rules of personal hygiene. In most cases the tumor is easily removed using traditional methods or anti-inflammatory ointments – important to clearly identify the cause of its occurrence.

Panaris can cause inflammation fingers

Panaris – is purulent disease of the skin, usually caused by staphylococcus aureus. Its appearance can contribute a lot of external factors – pollution of the skin on the feet or hands, interaction with irritants, interaction with chemical substances. Panaris is very common in people, often working with quicklime, mineral oils and metals (copper, cobalt, zinc).

Localization of felon strongly depends on the shape and stage of development. But, we are interested in the option when the can be swelling of the toe near the nail. It is characterized by the appearance of bubbles filled with purulent contents next to the nail shaft. Usually the lesion has a yellow-brown hue and in the initial stages is not accompanied by pain sensations. With the increase in manure and the occurrence of other infections, there is a constant pain not only in the field of sepsis but also on the nails. Purulent lesion is accompanied by a throbbing pain that takes permanent.


Panaris can cause inflammation fingers

Paronychia as one of the causes of finger swelling near the nail

Paronychia, a common enough the skin disease that is caused by streptococcal infection. Very common in children who have the habit of nail biting. In adults usually diagnosed through constant habit to tear off the burr. In women more common infection gets into the time of injury to the skin during nail treatments. The first signs of infection – redness around the nail shaft. During the day the skin in the affected area starts to swell and is accompanied by painful sensations. The final stage of development – the emergence of one or more bubbles turbid contents. After opening the bladder flows out of it and a grey liquid to viscous consistency.

Fungal infections can also cause swelling and suppuration of fingers and toes. We are talking about nail fungus and feet, which may cause violation of the integrity of the epidermis near the nail shaft. In cases infection starts the inflammatory process.

Very often, tumors and suppuration of the fingers observed in people with diabetes and reduced immunity. There is no self-healing as a delayed trip to the surgeon can lead to tragic consequences.

Well, the most common cause of suppuration of fingers, especially on the feet is ingrown toenails. This process is characterized by the appearance of the inflammatory process in the nail plate and the skin around the nail. In the initial stages of the disease the patient may not have purulent discharge, but the skin around the nail takes a bluish-red color and is accompanied by severe pain. Ignoring the problem of ingrown toenails can lead to serious complications from the spread of the infection to other skin areas and to penetrate inside.

How quickly to remove the tumor with the finger and when to see the doctor?

In most cases, tumor and abscess of finger do not attach much importance to until appeared the symptoms interfere in everyday life – wearing shoes or doing homework. If the abscess has not passed on its own within 2-3 days, it is best to seek the assistance of a skilled surgeon. First, it will help to establish the true cause of the inflammatory process and to remove its cause – the rolling pin or the ingrown nail, and secondly, you risk putting yourself still some kind of infection or worsening an existing one.

Panaris can cause inflammation fingers

But, there are also disadvantages, as in the case of ingrown toenails or fungal infections, they are nearly useless. With ingrown nails it's best to fight surgical – excision of part or all of the nail with a scalpel, laser or radio waves. Fungal diseases need to fight only anti-fungal drugs. A list of inexpensive and effective antifungal drugs

So there are many reasons, so be careful:

  • during cosmetic procedures.
  • keep your hangnails;
  • avoid contact with foreign objects under the skin (splinters, small pieces of metal, etc.)
  • observe good personal hygiene (no nail-biting, keep hands and feet clean);
  • refrain from wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes;
  • disinfect all wounds and abrasions, as in 90% of cases, they become a gateway for infection.

Watch your health and never get sick! If you have your own interesting and effective methods which help to remove the tumor with the finger and to get rid of the inflammation, then share them in the comments with other users.



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