Hands and nails women has always been an indicator not only of grooming but also of taste. Choosing the color and pattern nail art decoration, woman thus speaks of his style. Even in everyday life nails should be well groomed and beautiful. What to speak of the bride who should shine at the wedding from head to toe.

Wedding hairstyle is very important for bride. With its help, you can make your image a gentle, sensual and refined, or ruin it. Properly chosen and done hairstyle, helps to feel confident without worrying that your hair. Bride before the wedding long chooses suitable option to be most beautiful and unique.

When planning a wedding, every couple wants to arrange a really special celebration. This is quite natural, after all, one of the most important days in the life of lovers cannot be ordinary, grey and boring. Unique holiday consists of many elements: it is a solemn painting, places for romantic walks, custom photo shoot, elegant wedding dress, talented musicians, DJs But one of the most important points is the color scheme of the occasion. It not only provides your holiday unique and gives the wedding party a special style and chic.

Choosing the color and style of her wedding, the bride and groom needs to consider many factors that directly or indirectly influence this choice. The first of these is time of the year, played the wedding. Suitable for summer bright juicy colors: yellow, green, pink.

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