How to deal with excess weight after childbirth? How to lose weight? Weight loss after childbirth.

You've been dreaming of this and finally it happened! Your family became a baby! It is both happiness, and stress, because the kid if not forever, then at least for a few years changed your way of life. You will have almost all of their time to devote to it. Itself is not so much. And after the birth mothers it is important to keep under control and his condition, because all the principal cares little miracle lie exactly on them.

Very fast (instant) weight loss does not happen, dear! How would you have it any tried pounds do not merge in seconds, does not disappear by themselves. They need to "breathe" with the body. It remains only to choose the "speed" of weight loss, which you, for myself, think it is possible. Seven days is the period for which you are going (want) to lose weight? Really! How many pounds will you lose in one week - is another question. In General, regardless of the term, "dropping" pounds - each one individually.

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